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The semester is over. There were many things throughout this semester that caused me to look at what I was doing with the rest of my life. Those things helped me become a better educator and person. I realize that I am not a patient enough person to teach in the urban setting. I learned I have the teacher voice and that teacher look but that the lack of knowledge about the hidden rules in the urban setting I was in took more than that voice or look. As I mentioned earlier, this was a helpful experience. I am now ...

What an interesting week! Monday we had class as usual, Tuesday was normal, as was Wednesday. Thursday we had our pitch-in snacks for the teachers but no class and Friday it snowed, no class! I have been helping people get their portfolios for class up and running, so I have been in and out of the classroom all week. We are finished with Science for the semester and have one more of the rest of the classes next week! I shadowed the Special Education teacher for the upper grades on Tuesday. I enjoyed being in the room with the students ...


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