Deborah Meier and Joe Nathan discuss the complexities of choice and authority within the U.S. school system and how these concepts can be leveraged for better learning experiences for students.

You, folks mentioned above, our Center and hundreds of others came together in a four-year battle with the N.C.A.A. It was a wonderful example of people across political, ideological and philosophical lines successfully challenging something that made no sense.

This week Deborah Meier and Joe Nathan discuss the possibility of "building a tent" around certain principles in education, particularly for charter schools.

Chartering is a lot like America at its best and worst. Freedom provides wonderful opportunities for creativity, innovation and progress. However, among our biggest challenges are to maximize constructive use of freedom, and minimize abuse.

This week Deborah Meier and Joe Nathan discuss what when a school should be closed, and what should happen along with that decision.


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