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September 16, 2008

The New Conventional Wisdom?

Dear Deborah, You raise important questions about the role of trust and community in schooling. Those issues should be front and center as part of the discussion of the future of public education. We should discuss further whether trust and community are advanced by preserving and strengthening nei...

September 09, 2008

The Politics of Education Are Changing

Dear Deborah, I read your “advice to the next president” with interest. It would be wonderful if our next president could figure out how to ensure that “schools for the poor…look and feel like the schools the wealthiest send their kids to”? Let’s see, first he would propose a school con...

September 02, 2008

This Strange New Era of "Reform"

Bridging Differences returns today with this entry from Diane Ravitch. Dear Deborah, Welcome back from vacation. School is open, and it’s time to start bridging differences. Let’s see what we can do to clarify the deep undercurrents in American politics that are changing what happens in the s...

March 26, 2007

Public choice under public scrutiny

Dear Diane, "We have no final answers. We keep negotiating." I may put it on my bumper-sticker. RDT expressed a similar concern to yours on our Blog: the risk of Balkanization that comes with choice. But that's where we are now. Schools are more than ever segregated by race and class, and even ...

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