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Innovation Conference

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The National Center for Technology Innovation held a two-day education conference in Washington this week about thriving in a global marketplace. A long roster of ed-tech experts gave presentations at the gathering, which is reflected in the extensive coverage on their conference blog.

If you poke around, you'll find lots of interesting highlights and summaries of the topics discussed there, like this panel discussion, moderated by Digital Directions' executive editor Kevin Bushweller, on where U.S. students rank in the global economy and in student achievement. Panelists discussed the current state of American students' global competitiveness and the keys to getting American education back on track, such as a stronger emphasis on innovation; information, media, and technology skills; life and career skills; and creativity.

There's a lot more on the blog, so it's worth spending a little time there, to catch up on some the latest ideas in the ed-tech world.

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No one seems to notice that all of these wishes and proposals are pulling in different directions. Students would have to put in 40 hour days to accomplish them all, if they even could. The American education system is not broken but everyone wants to fix it. This is the definition of floundering. Technology can help at the margin but there is no magic way to change how much humans can learn. What can be learned, the cognitive budget, should be the starting point for any discussion of what should be learned. Instead we find an unrealistic pile of proposals.

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