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Stimulus Watch: Did Ed Tech Get a Good Deal?


My colleagues Alyson Klein and Michele McNeil have the latest on the economic stimulus bill. Has anyone waded through the details on ed tech? We are beginning to take a closer look at the specifics and it looks like there is roughly $650 million for it.

Did ed tech get a good deal or was it shortchanged? Give us your take.

Meanwhile, I'm making my way through the summary. Ed Week Asst. Managing Editor Mark Bomster calls the file for the bill, on the House of Representative's Web site, "a choke-your-computer monster." Hopefully I will be able to have it fully downloaded by Tuesday.



Did you happen to see the piece in this weekend's Wall Street Journal (www.wsj.com) by Jeb Bush? He had some interesting things to say about how Republicans should shake up public education in the near future with an expanded role for computers in the classroom.

$650 for technology in education. For 50 million students.


What this is saying is the economic stimulus provides roughly $13 per student across the board. And, 50 Million is likely low as an estimate of the total US student population.

On the surface this seems like just a drop in the bucket compared to the need. But, if invested wisely, the stimulus could provide the seed money for broad long term change, innovative approaches and new models. Invested in technology, the stimulus money could provide education with the leverage needed to overcome the productivity challenge now faced by schools.

It’s all about getting more done with less. Not getting more done with more. That’s where information technology comes in. IT remains one of the great game changers managers have available.

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