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Distance Learning In the Developing World

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Sean Cavanagh, my colleague over at Curriculum Matters, beat me to this story about a conference to help spread education throughout Africa with techology.

"Next month, an effort to improve students' access to education in the developing world will be taking place in Dakar, Senegal. It's a conference run by an organization called eLearning Africa, which supports the use and distribution of basic technologies in schools across the continent. The event seeks to bring together nonprofit leaders, university officials, and IT experts with the expertise and connections to get school technology where it's needed."

Sean reports that the eLearning Africa web site has a lot of background and info on last year's event. And there's a fundraising effort going on to give more educators throughout Africa the chance to attend.

1 Comment

This is fascinating. And then I read an article like this: http://www.ns.umich.edu/htdocs/releases/story.php?id=7017

And I cannot help but think of all the endless opportunities that are just within reach.

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