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Sarcasm for Tech-Hating Teachers


This blog item I found via @berkshirecat, a New England teacher who I follow on Twitter, is a letter to teachers who are loathe to use technology.

The writer, Patrick Higgins, makes a snide case for the way technology helps teachers break out of what he implies to be unproductive or counterproductive traditions. He includes reasons for his shared loathing of technology, mimicking the subconscious complaints he imagines his change-fearing colleagues make for avoiding tech-integration in their classrooms.

"The fact that there will be conversations about topics in my class that occur UNABATED and not in my presence is inconceivable and incorrigible," he writes. He then goes on to describe some teachers' complaints about being asked to develop a broader range of student literacies that incorporate the increasingly complex media environment. "So I am with you, I think, in resisting this move, and I'll do just what's mandated of me by my building principal. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go close my classroom door..."

Take a look and tell me if Higgins' somewhat cynical perceptions of tech-refusers is a fair assessment. Do you have any strategies for convincing colleagues of the value of technology in the classroom?


It gave me a good laugh because it is oh so familiar. But I don't think we can use this particular communication to help move tech-fearing teachers out of their comfort zone. It would just make them more defensive. Intelligent, one-to-one coaching can work wonders. So can administrators who provide time for coaching.

I agree that taking this stance with teachers who are resistant might not help them incorporate technology into their lessons. I also agree that working with another teacher who is not as tech savvy really does help increase their self esteem where technology is concerned and their willingness to use it. It seems to really be beneficial when they can witness first hand the products other classes create using technology with such enthusiasm.
I also think that there needs to be more differentiation when it comes to professional development. This might eliminate some of the comfort level problems when a new technology strategy is introduced. I feel like a lot of teachers who resist technology for various reasons are really scared that they are going to fail and rather than let that happen they will just refuse to use it.

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