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With Internet Filtering, Less Is More?


When it comes to Internet safety, many districts have turned up their filtering settings to ensure that nothing inappropriate can make its way to school computers. But some districts have found that easing up restrictions on Internet use, and instead giving students the tools to use online resources productively and safely, is a better approach.


In this EdWeek piece I highlight how some districts are expanding access to online resources, including social-networking sites, for students and teachers.

Of course, as soon as I turned this story in I came across other relevant resources on this topic. It seems to be on the radar screen as districts continue to struggle with the best ways to meet their responsibilities to maintain a safe learning environment, while also providing the essential tools students need to be successful.

For further reading, I recommend this piece at Edutopia, which offers some useful tips for finding videos you can access in the classroom. I also found this op/ed piece that appeared in The Washington Post this summer, by Justin Reich, a former high school teacher and a co-director of EdTechTeacher.org.

Photo by Pouya Dianat for Education Week.


Now a days there are alot of vulnerable programs and thread are founded on internet. Some of them are very dangerous
for system, because they corrupt operating system supporting .dll files.
In these security is highly considerable problems.

I believe that some of the sites could be beneficial, but unfortunately there is always someone who uses the site inappropriately so it ruins it for all of the students. I am interested in bringing blogging into my classroom, but I am not sure if I am going to run into problems with our counties internet security. It seems that with the new upgrade it has become more and more sensitive to sites that are normal. I am not sure if counties are really loosening up the reins on internet usage and sites even with all of the new technology that is available to educators. In my opinion, it seems like they are tightening up the reigns instead.

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