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A 'Disruptive' View of the Florida Virtual School

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The Innosight Institute, Disrupting Class authors Clayton Christensen's and Michael B. Horn's nonprofit think tank, recently released a case study about the Florida Virtual School. The document is a review of the ground-breaking online school from its conception to its role as a vendor to the unique funding model it established in 2002 and beyond. It also talks about the way FLVS established its curriculum and the philosophy behind its teaching staff.

There's lots of information drawn from interviews with Julie Young, the school's president and chief executive officer of FLVS, and the case study also examines how the path that FLVS has taken meshes with the concept of disruptive innovation.

The study itself is a largely positive look back at the evolution of FLVS, without much critical analysis of some of the struggles that the school has faced, but nonetheless, FLVS has become a leader in the online education world, and it's surely helpful to learn more about how it came to be what it is.

1 Comment

True, this is not a critical or analytical case study one way or the other. Just trying to document how it rolled out so that we can better objectively describe the phenomenon, what people are trying to accomplish, how they are doing it, and so forth so we can improve it appropriately, allow people to put together things that make sense for their circumstance and so forth.

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