The "Keeping Pace with K-12 Online Learning" report includes a 24-page resource advising people launching their own online or blended programs.

A new law would reduce the charges for texting sexually explicit images.

The main divide is over the future of E-Rate as a funding source for internal infrastructure and maintenance projects.

Ian Quillen will be on sight throughout the week bringing you the latest news, insights, and analysis.

K-12 open education advocates face many of the same challenges as those in postsecondary institutions.

Educators who are insisting that the moment is ripe for technology to transform education may have been heartened to read that folks at the Consumer Electronics Association are saying the same thing.

Check out Jason Tomassini's extended post on the secondary education recipients within the last 13 winners announced in Wave III of the Next Generation learning Challenges grant competition.

South African organization Siyavula details how it produces collaboratively authored, open textbooks for K-12 students in that country.

John Willinsky, a professor at Stanford University, described his work advocating for open data and access for academic and educational purposes.

Educators from the Open High School of Utah share their views on how to use open education resources to improve schools.

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