Two of Gates' guests talked about the importance of timing relative to opportunity, a theme rampant in the ed-tech world.

Students may learn more from virtual tutors who look and act like them, a new study says.

A recent study has found youth who pursue their interests on the Internet are more likely to be civically and politically engaged.

The ed-tech group is the first of its kind to be welcomed to the alliance.

Delaware will partner with Wireless Generation to implement a two-year teacher data coaching plan funded with $8.2 million in federal Race to the Top grant money.

Although we often discuss the benefits and advantages online learning can bring to the classroom, it is equally important to think about what some of the limitations are. founder James Bower talks about the reasons to move from textbooks to virtual learning opportunities.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has been in a giving mood to a couple major players in the ed-tech world recently.

The state-level ed-tech group says the findings re-emphasize the need for continued investment in infrastructure to increase connectivity.

Both newly added and already added content items will be tagged to math and English-language arts standards.

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