Lawmakers announced that all $100 million in annual funding would be taken from the ed-tech program if the proposed federal funding bill passes this week.

Accepting Dede's assertion that schools are wasteful and impractical, it takes a bit of an ego lowering to drive change from within.

The entry numbers for the 2011 CODiE awards are proof that the technology industry is shifting more of its attention toward education.

CoSN has posted two new case studies of mobile learning in Texas.

The number of 6th graders involved in social networking has more than doubled and the number taking an online class has tripled, a study finds.

Student, collegiate, and professional recipients were announced by White House CTO Aneesh Chopra.

The iZone and School of One have both drawn attention from city media outlets during the past week within the context of possible teacher layoffs and other fiscal pressures.

The civil rights advocate says schools that block gay- and lesbian-related online content are acting unconstitutionally and unlawfully.

Virtual students are at a disadvantage when joining the military and a cash-strapped superintendent recruits cyber students back to his school.

Steve Midgley of the U.S. Office of Education Technology stopped by the SIIA to explain the project and give a timeline.

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