During a panel discussion about open-source software this morning, tech administrators and open-source experts seemed optimistic about where open-source is going in education while agreeing that there is much more potential to be tapped.

So what did Malcolm Gladwell talk about during his keynote speech at NECC? Fleetwood Mac. No, really. Looking closely at the evolution and success of the late 60s rock band can teach us three important points about creating meaningful learning environments, he said.

Diane Brook from the Catholic Education Office in Sydney, Australia, outlines how schools should transform their classrooms into 21st-century learning spaces.

The agenda for NECC is chock full of sessions about how to use mobile computing to improve learning, especially through the use of cellphones. But not everyone in the education world is jumping on the mobile computing bandwagon.

NECC '09 goes Hollywood with an Oscar-style show featuring digital shorts from teachers and students. And the winner is...

A whole team of reporters, editors, Web producers, and photographers from Education Week and Digital Directions is off to the National Educational Computing Conference in Washington this week, so get ready for our full coverage.

A new federal report concluded that "blended learning" is somewhat more effective than strictly face-to-face or online programs alone, but K-12 studies on the topic are lacking.

Just in time for NECC, we've launched the DD Innovators Discussion Forum, where ed-tech experts can discuss how to balance the need for technological innovation with the realities of running schools.

There's only a couple of days left before thousands of ed-tech experts, administrators, and industry officials (13,000 last year!) converge on Washington to attend the 2009 National Educational Computing Conference. Of course, several of us from Education Week and Digital Directions will be on-site covering the conference with stories, blog posts, tweets, videos, and photos. Stay tuned to the Digital Education blog for the latest coverage of the conference. Or follow us on Twitter @digidirections. Lots of high-profile ed-tech folks will be there, including Chris Dede, Elliot Soloway, Susan Patrick, and ... Malcolm Gladwell? Aside from being an internationally famous ...

There's been a lot of attention paid recently to ed policy in other countries, and even a move toward setting international benchmarks or standards that outline what content and skills students should master in order to be competitive with their peers around the world. I've written a lot about the comparisons made between schools in the United States and other countries, particularly those that perform well on the PISA or TIMSS tests. Inevitably the experts analyzing the data point to the likes of Singapore, South Korea, and Japan as models of academic success. As I wrote in this recent Digital ...

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