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One of our local schools made the paper recently for not doing enough to raise the test scores of its students. Whether that's true or not is an open question.

A lot has been said about the video that surfaced recently of the charter school teacher belittling her student for not doing what was on her paper. That teacher's boss, Eva Moskowitz, may have more in common with Richard Nixon, of all people, than you'd think.

When it comes to teacher shortages, we might hope that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But that seems unlikely.

We had a snow day yesterday, but we had something even better today: a two-hour delay. More of that, please.

What do Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Goldman Sachs, and Detroit's crumbling public schools have in common? You might be surprised to find out.

You might have missed the survey of workplace quality conducted by the AFT and the Badass Teachers Association back in May. If you did, and you're a teacher, you won't be surprised by what it said.


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