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Change is a natural part of life. Educators, of all people, should be able to see the need for change before others do. But you have to have a plan to make lasting change, and too many educational leaders don't seem to understand that.

Should people who fund charter schools also be funding research studies on charter school effectiveness? If that seems like a conflict of interest to you, you're not alone.

School choice is all the rage in education right now, but, to me, the only choice we need to make is this one: we need to commit to public education for everybody, not just for those lucky enough to win an enrollment lottery or lucky enough to have parents who live in the right zip code.

One of the most persistent, and frustrating, myths in education is the myth of the fatcat teacher stealing precious school dollars to sock away in her gold-plated pension fund. Don't believe it. You might be the victim of a hoax.


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