When it comes to teacher shortages, we might hope that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But that seems unlikely.

We had a snow day yesterday, but we had something even better today: a two-hour delay. More of that, please.

What do Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Goldman Sachs, and Detroit's crumbling public schools have in common? You might be surprised to find out.

You might have missed the survey of workplace quality conducted by the AFT and the Badass Teachers Association back in May. If you did, and you're a teacher, you won't be surprised by what it said.

What could we learn about teacher education policy by looking at the career ladders of airline pilots?

Is it possible to have high standards without using standardized tests to assess them?

Last week was finals week for my 9th grader. Isn't it about time to get rid of final exams?

Last week I offered a few thoughts on how the Republican candidates for president feel about the common core. This week it's the Democrats' turn to go under the microscope.

Most people aren't one-issue voters, but if you care about education it might help to know where the major presidential candidates stand on the issue. Here's a guide for the voter interested in the common core. The Republicans are up first.

It may be a new year, but we have at least one problem that followed us home from last year: presidential candidates speaking nonsense about education.


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