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Who's to Blame for Lack of NCLB Action?

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The leaders of the House Education and Labor Committee agree that their attempt to reauthorize NCLB is at a standstill. But they disagree about who is to blame for that.

Here's the take of Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., the chairman of the committee: "Congress offered the president an opportunity to resuscitate his legacy by working in a bipartisan way on comprehensive reforms to the No Child Left Behind law, and he rejected it."

And here's the perspective of Rep. Howard P. "Buck" McKeon, R-Calif., the senior GOP member of the committee: “Unfortunately, more than a year into their congressional majority, Democrats have all but ignored the pressing need to revitalize this law that impacts our nation’s schools.”

1 Comment

Who's to blame for NCLB Action?
Unfortunately when it comes to holding somebody accountable fingers start pointing. NCLB is a product or an outcome that some considered feasible and appropriate. However, without a play by play script governing bodies that have jurisdiction and authority of the day to day operations of the school are going to "feel" their way through a process that they have pieced together.
Thus, you pose the question who is to blame for action or inaction of our public leaders?
Me, you, my/your friends, your/my neighbors, your/my family etc.
I truly believe universal choice, either intra or inter district will provide parents the opportunity to actually take action when a behemoth bureaucracy cannot.

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