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Some, But Not All, Civil Rights Groups Want to Halt AYP

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Commenting on my post from Friday, Monty Neil of FairTest notes that not all civil rights groups will oppose the bill to suspend sanctions under NCLB. He's right. I should have written that "some" civil rights groups are going to fight the bill. To see which ones, read Charlie Barone's post. At the FairTest site, you can see the civil rights groups that are likely to support H.R. 6239.

At BoardBuzz, you can read why the National School Boards Association supports the bill. It would "make sure schools do not continue to be subject to mislabeling and costly sanctions which have not been proven effective," the NSBA blog says.

There will be more on this to come, I'm sure.

1 Comment

Thanks for publishing this clarification. I deeply resent attempts to portray those who oppose NCLB and its collateral damage as racists who don't care about the suffering of Black and Hispanic students in poor schools. I'm a (successful) African American teacher of Black and other poor students, very much aware of the problems we are facing. NCLB is not the answer. It is a poorly conceived, horribly implemented piece of legislation, and the Federal government needs to step back and get some better advice on how to help move real education reform.

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