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Welcome Joel Packer, Again

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Ed Week's self-appointed ombudsman Mike Petrilli alerts everyone that NEA is advertising its newest podcast/blog here and on other blogs on this site. (Hey, Mike, edweek.org wouldn't take advertising, either, if we had an endowment paying our salaries.)

But anyway. Joel. I've like what the commenters are saying on your site. MM has some questions for you over at Campaign K-12. Here's one I'll add: How do you feel about John McCain's top education adviser, Lisa Graham Keegan, saying one test is enough to make accountability decisions? (Thanks to Jim Horn for the link.) Oh, wait, I just found the answer on page 20 of this pdf.

OK, Joel, here's another easy one. Your most recent entry left me confused about one thing: What's your favorite Beatles album? Is it "Sgt. Pepper's" or "A Hard Day's Night?" I prefer "Abbey Road," myself.

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David - I'm with you on Abbey Road. Side 2 is the highest level of rock musicality and production, imho. Honorable mention: Revolver. Did Joel answer? I've been seeking common ground with him for 15 years :).

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