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Mr. Simmons Comes to Washington

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If you've ever wanted to meet Richard Simmons (or would like the chance to make a second first impression), be at the House Education and Labor Committee's hearing room on July 24.

The exercise mogul will be there talking about the lack of PE in schools and the FIT Kids Act. (For background, read this post, and this one, and this one. I'd offer more, but that would provide fodder for those at Ed Week who think I've written too much about Simmons.)

Simmons' Web site has most of the details, including inside information that Chairman George Miller, D-Calif., wants to move a PE bill. I'm sure there will be more to his Capitol Hill visit than standard testimony. With Richard, there always is.

1 Comment

First let me say that I love the little cartoon Richard!
The school district down here has PE in elementary because it's still mandated by law, and the Middle Schools still use it for "a dumping grounds" for excess students regardless that Ga HB 1187 did away with it in 2000. However, an overwhelming majority of parents of middle school kids do not know the law so their kids are put in PE rather than being exposed to a foreign language, computer, life skills, etc. This mom knows when somebody says PE that it may not mean that the 100's of kids in one class are actually getting a work out.
I do not believe it is the physical activity that has folks shying away from any physical education mandate, but rather that the children no longer take showers after the class is over, and to be candid most of these kids stink after PE! It is my belief that when somebody figures out a SAFE and cost effective method to ensure the kids are able to get "refreshed" after the work out, then Richard's audience of supporters is likely to grow...in numbers.

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