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Your Link to the New NCLB Rules


The NCLB rules are up on the Federal Register's site. If you want to print them, make sure your printer tray is full. The document is 441 pages long.

Here's the department's summary from the introduction:

The most far-reaching change in these regulations is in how states, LEAs, and schools are held accountable for graduating students from high school. We believe that establishing a uniform and more accurate measure of calculating graduation rate that is comparable across states is a critical and essential step forward in improving high school accountability. New requirements governing the provision of SES and public school choice will help ensure that parents and students are informed of their options in a timely and effective manner and that LEAs make effective use of their funds to provide public school choice and SES. The changes to the regulations regarding SES will also help ensure that SES providers offer high-quality services. Changes addressing the inclusion of student subgroups in school and LEA adequate yearly progress determinations will ensure greater accountability for the achievement of all groups of students. Amendments to the regulations governing restructuring of schools in improvement will help ensure that LEAs take significant reform actions to improve chronically underperforming schools, as required by the statute. Requiring the inclusion of state data from the National Assessment of Educational Progress on state and local report cards will provide parents and the public with additional important information about the performance of the students in their state.

If you want to know how the final rules differ from the proposed ones, go straight to page 6.


Dull dull dull.
I find these rules underwhelming.
What am I missing?

Isn't there some way to stop Spellings and the Department of Education from going any further with these rule changes?

Most of this will be unacceptable under the subsequent administration's agenda for education.

When there's a "regime change," the classified civil service USDOE employees (the dedicated few who haven't been driven off) will stop doing anything substantial (besides administering entitlement programs) until there's a new Secretary appointed and new political appointees put into the leadership positions in all the program offices.

This is an obvious continuation of the same old "top down" essentialist education agenda that the Bush administration has pushed over almost eight years.

Going any further with these "rule changes," which are nothing more than an "interpretation" of what this Secretary and her politically appointed staff interpret the legislation to mean, is a waste of time and $$ that the education community in this country can't afford.

Bob Blomeyer (BobBl)

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