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President Obama says a longer school year "makes sense" during an interview on the Today show this morning.

Education Week story this week looks at the funding proposal for the federal 21st Century Community Learning Centers program.

A presidential council recommends boosting the nation's focus on STEM learning, including increasing the number of science- and math-oriented after-school programs.

Could this be expanded learning time's moment in the spotlight? Perhaps "moment" isn't the right word, but the concept of rising practical and policy interest in ELT was very much in evidence during my conversation today with Jennifer Davis, the president and chief executive officer of the National Center on Time & Learning. Davis was in Washington to meet with other education groups, as well as members of Congress, to talk about extended learning, federal appropriations, and the much-anticipated reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. ELT has factored in recent reports here and elswhere regarding the 21st Century Community ...

I've been talking to more people this week about the 21st Century Community Learning Centers program and the appropriations bill in Congress that would allow the initiative to fund extended-learning-time efforts as well as the after-school, before-school, and summer school programs it now supports. What I'm hearing backs up what I learned last week—that some in after-school are very worried about the program's expansion, but others in the expanded-learning community support the change, so long as funds continue to flow to nonprofits providing hands-on enrichment. But the story could only be so long, and I wasn't able to get ...

An assortment of education groups is urging Congress to make funding for the 21st Century Community Learning Centers program flexible and open to expanded school day schedule initiatives, as well as after-school and summer school efforts. Only a few weeks ago, you may recall, a Senate subcommittee approved a plan to expand funding for the program, as well as the scope of the CCLC to include support for expanded school days and years, along with after-school and summer programs. Today, 18 groups, including the National Center on Time & Learning, the National Summer Learning Association, the Council of the Great City ...


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