Libraries and museums are becoming a hotbed for new and engaging learning opportunities; new grants to these institutions were recently awarded.

Improved assessments for out-of-school science instruction can enrich the science learning that takes place in programs, a new report says.

A new study finds a youth employment program in Boston reduces participants' violent behavior.

New legislation proposed at the federal and state levels could help (but maybe hurt) out-of-school and expanded learning opportunities.

Increasing evidence points to the problems summer causes for students and teachers, and more efforts are underway to combat these problems.

Chicago provides many out-of-school STEM-learning opportunities, but needs to make these opportunities more accessible for under-served groups, according to a new report.

Schools are redesigning their school days with added time for arts education.

A Philadelphia publication examines the challenges and potential benefits of using expanded learning time as a strategy for school reform in that city and beyond.

A new report profiles a rise in federal, state, and local policies that support expanded learning time as a strategy for school improvement.

Libraries, museums, and other community institutions can compete for the new funding.


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