Beyond the Rhetoric: On Hiatus

The blog is on hiatus.

What Would Good Teacher Evaluation Look Like?

Jack Schneider and Mercedes Schneider talk about the current state of teacher evaluation, what reformers are pushing for, and what a high-functioning system might look like.

Do All Reformers Know Each Other?

Jack Schneider and New Orleans educator Mercedes Schneider discuss the seeming insularity of education reform circles.

A-F Grades for Schools

Jack Schneider and Mercedes Schneider discuss the A-F rating system used to evaluate schools in Louisiana and elsewhere.

The 'Privatization' Agenda, New Orleans Edition

Jack Schneider and Mercedes Schneider discuss the so-called privatization agenda in public education.

School Reform, New Orleans Style

Jack Schneider and Mercedes Schneider discuss school reform in New Orleans and the Recovery School District

Introducing Teacher and Education Blogger Mercedes Schneider

Mercedes Schneider--no relation!--joins the conversation on K-12 Schools: Beyond the Rhetoric

Charter Schools and the Most Disadvantaged

Jack Schneider and Travis Pillow discuss whether charter schools help or hurt the most disadvantaged students.

The Charter School Lawsuit

Jack Schneider and Paul Reville discuss an impending lawsuit over the cap on charter schools in Massachusetts.

Peril and Possibility for Teachers' Unions

Jack Schneider and former Massachusetts Secretary of Education Paul Reville discuss future directions for teachers unions.


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