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AFL-CIO: Not McCain

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The AFL-CIO—a traditional Democratic ally—hasn't decided who to campaign for. Leaders are reportedly torn between Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., and Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill.

But, they know exactly who they want to campaign against: presumptive Republican nominee Sen. John McCain of Arizona.

As the Democratic primary battle wages on, the union is helping the Democrats make their general case against McCain by distributing information to their members on a range of issues, from the economy to health-care to yes ... education. And its materials are targeted. For instance, members of the American Federation of Teachers (which has endorsed Clinton) will get information on McCain's education views.

And in this more general brochure, "John McCain Revealed", the union takes McCain to task for opposing $1.6 billion in school constructing funding back in 2002. Also, in a section stating that McCain "doesn't like unions," the AFL-CIO cited the senator's criticism of teachers' unions.

The brochure also cited this New York Times article, from February 2002, in which McCain said:

It’s time to break the grip of the education monopoly that serves the union bosses at the expense of our children.

1 Comment

These actions say more about the AFL-CIO than they do about Senator John McCain. The AFL-CIO is sinking to the sleazy level of character assassination, while Senator McCain is maintaining his dignity, as a respected leader and war hero.

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