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If ED in '08 Were a Superdelegate...

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....who would it vote for?

Turns out, that's not such an absurd question, because ED in '08 chairman Roy Romer is a superdelegate.

Although ED in '08 has struggled to raise the level of dialogue about education, it may have some leverage since Romer, a former Democratic national chairman, is a superdelegate who hasn't committed to either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. In such a tight race, both candidates are scrambling to boost their delegate tally, and are vying for votes from each state's "superdelegates."

Interestingly, ED in '08 makes the point over and over again that it's a nonpartisan advocacy group, yet Romer finds himself in the unlikely situation—as all superdelegates do—of potentially having significant input on the outcome of the Democratic primary. And this USA Today blog item makes the case that Romer, who was a supporter of Bill Clinton's presidential campaigns, may be an Obama supporter.

1 Comment

So much for Ed in '08's claims of "nonpartisanship." Their co-chair is knee deep in selecting the Democratic nominee for President!

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