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Jeb Bush for Education Secretary?


If you want some insight into Sen. John McCain's education ideas, check out this Associated Press story, which mentions a key adviser to his campaign.

Former Florida and fellow Republican Gov. Jeb Bush.

McCain, who was campaigning in Florida with Bush's successor, Gov. Charlie Crist, said he's been seeking Bush's advice on education for the last couple of years, and would continue to do so if elected in November.

Bush, who was a big supporter of school vouchers, standardized testing, and merit pay for teachers during his 1999-2007 term in office, has been working on beefing up his education legacy through a new foundation he unveiled last month. In fact, the head of his foundation is also responsible for helping revive his voucher plan for failing schools, which was struck down by the Florida Supreme Court in 2004.

McCain doesn't have an incredibly deep bench of education advisers, nor does he talk much about education. So relying on Bush, who made education a top priority (even if many didn't agree with his methods), is probably a smart move for McCain.


As a Floridian well versed in Jeb's flawed accountability plan, I would suggest giving this man a seat in education would be akin to giving a pyromaniac unlimited access to matches and gasoline. US students are already
performing behind their global counterparts. Is the goal to destroy
our youths' futures? See what happens
in Florida. As soon as Jeb left office, there was an outcry for change.
His invalid system is undergoing review and a bill exists in the Senate to change it. Florida has an outrageous dropout rate, performs poorly on ACT and SAT, and has a large number of college students needing remediation.
Why duplicate these characteristics in other states?

First of all, Jeb nearly bankrupted our state. Secondly, his idea of a successful school system is one that pours money into the pockets of people like Neil Bush.
Teachers--Don't believe for one second that this man will ever be on your side.
I did my 8 years with him. The instant that he again becomes in any way connected to my job and how I do will be the instant I sign my retirement papers.

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