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ED in '08's Roy Romer Endorses Obama

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ED in '08 Chairman and superdelegate Roy Romer today announced he is endorsing Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois for president. (Hat tip to Flypaper on this one.) Romer, a former Colorado governor and Democratic National Chairman, leads the nonpartisan ED in '08 group that's trying to make education a prominent issue in the election.

To be sure, Romer isn't saying ED in '08 is endorsing Obama. In this ABC News story, he says: "My partner here, Marc Lampkin is a Bush Republican, a McCain Republican, so we are still one Democrat and one Republican who will be working even handedly." (Lampkin is the executive director of ED in '08, and I didn't know he had endorsed a candidate. I'll certainly ask him about that at the ED in '08 blogger summit I'm attending on Thursday.)

But in that same story, Obama campaign manager David Plouffe said the campaign will seek the counsel and advice of Romer on education issues.

Should the chairman of the nonpartisan ED in '08 campaign, which is receiving an unprecedented $60 million from the Gates and Broad foundations, really be advising a Democratic candidate?

Just asking.

1 Comment

Romer's endorsement is meaningless. Anyone who has worked with Romer knows he is an incompetent primadonna.

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