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Palin, GOP VP Pick, Championed New School Finance Program


Sen. John McCain has reportedly tapped Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his vice presidential nominee.

Gov. Palin, a Republican elected in 2006, helped champion an overhaul of the state’s school finance system, which supporters said channeled more money to rural districts outside Anchorage and helped stabilize school districts' budgets. The measure, approved by the Alaska legislature this year, also hiked spending for students with special needs.

Alaska has an unusual state-run performance-incentive program, which rewards school employees with payments for gains in student achievement. The program was initially signed into law by Ms. Palin's predecessor as governor, Frank H. Murkowski. The program is distinct in it that rewards many different kinds of school employees, including administrators, teachers, custodians, and secretaries, for increased student performance at their school.

Funding for the program has continued under Ms. Palin, according to the state's Department of Education and Early Development, which announced another round of awards in August.

Ms. Palin has also become known for juggling her duties as Alaska's chief executive with those of a parent. Well into her term as governor, she announced that she was pregnant, and in April, she gave birth to a son, Trig Paxson Van Palin, who was diagnosed with Down syndrome. The governor was reportedly back at work days after the boy was born. She and her husband, Todd, have four other children.


Ms. Palis may have helped the educational issue in Alaska, however she will not help Senator McCain who has supported the failed "No Child Left Behind" bill that was not financially supported and because it wasn't, thousands of students nationwide have failed to greaduate from high school.

I don't understand your point; how does Mr. McCain's support of a bill that stresses accountability in education, make him responsible for Pres. Bush failure to fund it?
Isn't America's overall devaluing of education and distain for professional educators the result of loss in prestige and pay for teachers? I am glad to see a mother of 5 possibly headed to the White House for this might help bring balance and family values back to the table in Washington.

Did you notice what John McCain couldn't keep his eyes off of during Sarah Palin's acceptance speech. Her butt. It was so obvious. He should be more careful when he knows he is being taped.

Wow,are we really possibly in line for a president that ogles his V.P.? So much for America's security. I was wondering why he picked this lady so few people have heard of...and I dare say, she is NOT presidential material with an infant at home. I'm a single parent and had to work as teacher while my child was young. I did my best for all concerned but still, when you children are little your mind is preoccupied and you are tired alot. How can a woman with 5 children and one an infant with special needs be president? And if she just hires a nanny, what about the republican family values? 10 years ago they were saying a mother's place was in the home. And now we have two incompetents on the GOP ticket. I am outraged the the GOP would allow John McCain to make such a wreckless choice. Our country's safety and security is at stake.
I will be telling all my republicans friends to vote with Obama. At least he is a Harvard graduate with some common sense and a running mate who IS presidential material and tough as nails and has foreign policy ties.


I believe that Palin is an outstanding choice. I was concerned at first because I didn't know anything about her. Also, McCain's platform does not indicate his support for NCLB at this time, so that is a wait and see. Certainly Palin can offer insight into the educational arena from her background and successes. As for her Presidental competency and presence, and given both her professional and personal life, she clearly has the stamina, resilience and political savvy to stand up to the most formidable of issues and individuals. She also clearly has the support she needs on the homefront in order for her to have accomplished so much in such little time. We wouldn't be making such comments about males, now, would we - that they have "x" # of kids, a special needs child, etc. Palin's nomination has encouraged me in the male-dominated political arena without the liability of a Clinton in the White House. I truly hope she prevails, and in whatever sense that may be, she possesses the spirit to prevail.

to John P...thank you so much for bringing that insightful view of the facts to our attention. I was sure this was a forum to comment on educational issues in politics. What if you were wrong? Where was your mind?

And to Lorna Doone, I am shocked that a working mother would say that a working mother is unfit to be considered for VP. Does that not diminish your value? What if another said you should not be teaching when you were a single parent with a child, as you might be preoccupied with yours...and not mine?

The Democrat Party has long said that working women were worthy of honor and respect and support, suggesting that women could be effective workers and mothers. Would you suggest otherwise?

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