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For All Those Undecided School Choice Voters Out There

The Center for Education Reform has a voter's guide just for you.

Palin's Parent Proposal

Like parts of McCain's Head Start proposal, it seems that some of her proposals to help parents of special needs students may already be law.

N.H. Republicans Cite Education as Reason to Vote Obama

They expressed displeasure with Sen. John McCain's K-12 agenda.

Education Makes More Than a Cameo Appearance in Obama Ad

The ad featured a coupon-clipping educator who works an extra job to supplement her teacher's salary.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Candidates and Weren't Afraid to Ask

David Hoff and Alyson Klein answered questions about funding for education, the future of NCLB, teacher quality, and the next education secretary in this afternoon's chat.

Would Education Be a Priority in an Obama Administration?

Tonight's prime-time 30-minute ad may offer a clue as to whether education programs would really see substantial increases in an Obama administration.

Join Edweek Reporters for a Live Chat on the Election

Have a burning question about the candidates' education proposals? Please join David Hoff and Alyson Klein tomorrow at noon Eastern time for an online chat on the 2008 election.

Advisers Clash Over School Funding Issues

At a meeting of the Council of the Great City Schools, urban superintendents and board members shared their views on federal funding and national standards with top advisers from both campaigns.

Obama's Stump Speech Attacks McCain's Higher Education Plan

This weekend in Colorado, Sen. Barack Obama gave a version of his stump speech that criticizes Sen. John McCain for having "no plan to invest in college affordability."

Sarah Palin Gives a Big Speech on Special Education

Palin advocated, among other things, for full funding of the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act. I wonder how that will square with Sen. John McCain's plan to freeze most spending - including for education programs.

How Well Do you Know the Presidential Candidates?

Match the right education quote with the right candidate as part of EdWeek's new interactive campaign game.

Is Pre-K the Right Place to Put $10 Billion?

That question was put to a panel of education experts after a debate between advisers for both major presidential campaigns.

Alan Greenspan Finds Flaw in Free Market

Does this economic crisis have implications for the debate over vouchers?

Advisers Spar Over Teacher Policy

Education advisers for both presidential candidates clash at the Teachers College debate over teacher pay, preparation, and professionalism. Watch the video.

Who's Going to Be Education Secretary?

This parlor game is fun and easy, but it's too early to be playing it now.

Different Perspectives on Portfolios

The Obama campaign's mention of portfolios as part of the student-assessment mix has sparked quite a bit of discussion in the blogsphere.

Portfolio Confusion and the Education Advisers' Debate

The event at Teachers College reflects that neither Obama nor McCain have been very specific on testing issues under the No Child Left Behind Act.

Not So Fast: Obama Won't 'Dump' NCLB Testing

The Obama campaign today said that testing should be reformed to include alternative forms of assessment such as portfolios.

Urban Schools' Open Letter to the Next President

The Council of the Great City Schools asks the nation's next leader to commit to making American urban education the world's best.

Ayers' Talk at University of Nebraska Canceled

William Ayers, the Vietnam-era-radical-turned-educaton professor, was planning to talk about education reform and small schools.

Obama's New Education Ad

Fresh off a record-breaking month of fundraising, Barack Obama's repertoire of new television ads includes one that emphasizes parental responsibility.

Colin Powell: Education is Key Overlooked Issue

In explaining his endorsement of Barack Obama, Powell also said he was disappointed in John McCain's exploitation of the Bill Ayers controversy.

RNC Robocalls Hit Ayers Issue

The McCain campaign and the Republican National Committee have started using robocalls to continue to highlight Sen. Obama's association with Bill Ayers.

Fact Checking the Debate: Vouchers, Teachers, and Special Education

McCain said Washington D.C. schools chief Michelle Rhee supports vouchers. Obama said she supports charters. So which is it?

Obama vs. McCain, Round 3: The Education Bonanza

For the first time in the presidential campaign, Barack Obama and John McCain engaged in a sustained, serious discussion about education.

Is Ayers Really Analogous to bin Laden?

Fordham's Checker Finn asks whether the petitioners who support Bill Ayers would also sign onto a "support Osama bin Laden" statement.

Obama's Rx For Teacher Preparation

He's called for expanding programs that allow private or university-based teacher programs to partner with high-needs school districts to offer beefed-up field experiences to prospective teachers.

Obama Responds With Radio Ad on Ayers

Barack Obama offers his most comprehensive response yet to the Bill Ayers controversy in a new radio ad.

Obama Has the Kid Vote Locked Up

If kids could vote, Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois would be the next President, according to a recent poll. Obama got 57 percent of the vote to Sen. John McCain's 39 percent.

Education Barely Registers As Key Issue

In the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll, just 1 percent of voters said education was the single most important issue to them.

Should Teachers Be Allowed to Wear Political Buttons on the Job?

The New York City teachers' union thinks so.

Strange Bedfellows: McCain Touts Endorsement by Head of Annenberg Foundation

John McCain is associating with the president of the very foundation that funded "radical" education reform work.

First Major TV Ads on Obama-Ayers Hit Airwaves

The Republican National Committee and the McCain campaign are pouncing on the controversy.

McCain Campaign Unveils Ayers-Obama Web Ad

A paid TV ad may be in the works.

Who Speaks for Obama? Just Asking.

Obama's modus operandi is to seek advice from people with differing points of view, one of the Democrat's many advisers says.

Bill Ayers Is an Educator, Remember?

Very few folks are talking about Ayers' views on education - or asking whether Barack Obama shares those ideas.

Town Hall Debate is Virtually Education-Free

There were no questions on school policy, but Barack Obama offered an idea on what priority education would be early in his administration.

Debate Preview: Tennessee Town Hall

The Volunteer State has grappled with education funding, curriculum issues, and implementation of the No Child Left Behind Act over the past year.

In a Minute, Dem. Reform Group Raises $50K for Obama

Is it enough to guarantee an invitation to a skybox at the 2012 Democratic Convention?

Health Care Is Top Issue in NEA Battleground Blitz

The National Education Association's on-the-ground campaign efforts appear to be mostly emphasizing health care over education issues.

You Don't Need a Weatherman....

To know which way the McCain campaign is hoping the political wind will blow, when it comes to the story of the Obama-Ayers connection.

UPDATED: In Palin's Backyard: The Energy Crisis and Rural Alaskan Schools

Residents of Alaska's small villages and cities are fleeing their rural communities—and their local schools—for more urban Anchorage, where gas, heating fuel, and food are cheaper.

Give Palin and Biden Extra Credit for Bringing Up Schools

There wasn’t a single question on schools during the vice presidential debate, but the candidates managed to sneak in some comments on education.

Tonight's VP Debate: Will Education Make an Appearance?

If the moderator doesn't ask a question about schools, it won't be because no one tried.

McCain: Attack Ad on Obama's Education Record Was Accurate

Sen. John McCain is not backing away from his widely debunked education ad attacking Sen. Barack Obama's record on education.

Education and the Next President

Register now to watch the Webcast of a live debate Oct. 21 between top education advisers to Barack Obama and John McCain.

'Mission Accomplished' for ED in '08?

The Gates and Broad Foundations say they aren't going to be providing any additional funding for ED in '08, the venture that was designed to put education front-and-center in the presidential campaign.

Palin on Teaching Evolution in Schools

The Republican vice presidential nominee told Katie Couric that evolution, and not creationism, should be in the public school curriculum.

Alternative Candidates Offer Chance to Vote Against NCLB

Consider Bob Barr, Cynthia McKinney, or Ralph Nader, who all promise to repeal the federal education law.

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