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Former AFT President to Labor Department?

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So the Associated Press is reporting that former American Federation of Teachers President Edward J. McElroy is a possibility for U.S. secretary of labor. McElroy has a long history with the AFL-CIO and, apparently, his heart is more on the labor union side of things than on the education side.

Over at AFT, he served as a kind of a placeholder president for the current head, Randi Weingarten, who took the helm this year.

Still, having someone with experience at one of the two national teachers' unions as head of the Department of Labor couldn't be bad for the NEA and the AFT. But I'm guessing this is all academic: McElroy is probably a long shot for the labor job.

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Why would you say that "apparently" McElroy's heart is more with labor than school children? Do you have evidence?

I love your blog and reporting, but I've got to point out that the anti-union spin is just that, spin.

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