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NYC's Klein Headed for Obama's 'New Team'?

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Today in a feature called "The New Team," the New York Times features Joel I. Klein as its contender for U.S. secretary of education.

The Times cites the New York City public school system chancellor's close ties to the Obama family and its advisers, including frequent Obama ed spokesman Jon Schnur of New Leaders for New Schools. And the Times points out that Klein took on a more prominent national role when he signed onto the Education Equality Project (even participating in a press conference at the Democratic National Convention.)

But in the "con" column, the Times reminds everyone of the acrimonious relationship Klein had with now-AFT president Randi Weingarten (who was none too thrilled with the press conference at the DNC.)

1 Comment

Please don't make it seem like Klein is a good choice or has already been chosen. It would be a nightmare if this happened. I think that Obama's team will conduct a thorough vetting and Klein will definitely not be chosen.

An important point of information here based on an analysis of both the NYS test scores in reading and math compared to the scores on the nationwide NAEP for NYC students shows that the achievement gap separating black and Hispanic students and their white and Asian peers is either UNCHANGED or WIDENING on both tests over the Bloomberg/Klein tenure.

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