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Title I Changes: A Preview

The Education Department wants to allow districts that are in need of improvement under NCLB to be able to provide their own tutoring services, an expansion of what's now just a pilot program.

UPDATED: Arne Duncan Advocates Mayoral Takeover of Big-City Districts

If mayoral control doesn't increase, the Education Secretary says he will have 'failed as secretary.'

The Stimulus Fraud Detectives

The GAO is encouraging people to report stimulus-related fraud—and there could be a lot of it, even in education.

Arne Duncan in the NRA's Cross Hairs

The education secretary has been deemed the most "anti-gun" member of Obama's cabinet by a National Rifle Association magazine article.

Friday's Over-Stimulated Reading List

Even with the stimulus package, can education innovation thrive? Several good reads start hinting on this broader theme.

Duncan and the Problem States: 'Stay Tuned'

The education secretary is getting creative in finding a way to get stimulus money to states such as Alaska and South Carolina, where the governors want to reject education funds.

Next Week: More Stimulus Guidance, Title I Changes

These new stimulus guidelines are expected to more clearly spell out how the department wants states to distribute stabilization fund dollars to local districts.

Arne Duncan and Country Singer Taylor Swift Make Same 'Tops' List

Duncan makes Rolling Stone's list of Top 100 change agents.

UPDATED: Arne Duncan Has Picked His Deputy

In a wide-ranging interview with Edweek reporters and editors, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said he had picked a deputy and that the person was going through the vetting process.

Duncan Meets with Gay/Lesbian Student Group

Duncan is the first Education Secretary to meet with the group, a spokesman said.

Congress: Hurray for Community Service!

The Senate is set to consider a sunny, bipartisan bill that would bolster community service programs, including for education.

South Carolina's Governor vs. Obama, the Knockout

Rebuffed a second time by the White House, Mark Sanford is now turning down $700 million in stimulus dollars, which would have been used primarily for education.

Friday Reading List: CA Congressional Delegation Offers Stern Message to States

Letter says states have no ability to 'intercept' stabilization funds...and other good reads.

'Dear Arne' Letters Start Flowing

When you've got control over $100 billion, and 50 states to deal with, you're bound to get lots of questions and complaints about the money. Here's a sampling.

The Ed. Department's Pearly 'Gates'

Several education department officials have strong connections to the Gates Foundation.

Arne's Science Guy

Steve Robinson, himself a former science educator, will be focusing on science, math, engineering, and technology issues.

South Carolina's Governor vs. Obama, Round 2

Mark Sanford is asking the White House for the right to use stimulus money to pay down the state's school construction debt.

Short-Term Money, Long-Term Gains?

Urban superintendents and school board members who were in Washington this week got lots of face time with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.

Top Duncan Adviser 'Somewhat Skeptical' of Common Standards

Mike Smith says there are some weak arguments in favor of common standards.

Changes to Title I Coming to a Department Near You?

Education Secretary Arne Duncan said he expects to issue a decision at the end of this month on whether to make any changes to the regulations that Margaret Spellings, his predecessor, issued last year.

Duncan: Districts That Use Stim Money Well Could Get More Stim Money

Duncan said that states and districts should put formula funding and state stabilization money to good use if they want to be considered for Race to the Top and other competitive grant funding.

Personnel File: Toch leaves Ed Sector, Romer to College Board

Tom Toch will be the executive director of the Association of Independent Schools of Greater Washington.

Friday Reading List: No Swimming Pools for You!

Check out Vice President Joe Biden's tough-love advice to state officials during a White House meeting this week on stimulus implementation, among other good reads.

Duncan Reaches Out to Teachers' Unions

Education secretary Arne Duncan has hired an Illinois union official to be a senior adviser.

Congress Gets No Numbers from Arne Either

In a two-hour budget hearing, Duncan wouldn't budge on how much more money will be allotted to Title I or special education.

Obama's Press Secretary Gives Hope for D.C. Voucher Students

Obama doesn't want to disrupt the schooling of the students currently taking advantage of the program.

Duncan Talks Merit Pay and Standards, Again, Some More

He offered some clarification on the administration's education plan, but there are still plenty of potential questions.

Senate Rejects Bid to Extend D.C. Voucher Program

The vote came as the Senate approved a spending plan for fiscal year 2009 that also eliminates funding for the Reading First program.

Chiefs Talk Stimulus and Standards With Duncan & Co.

There was a lot of buzz about Obama's speech this morning and the Department's guidance on the economic stimulus package.

Everyone Loves Obama's Speech

First address on schools is drawing praise from everyone from GOP lawmakers to the NEA. Not surprisingly, these groups came up with different interpretations of the remarks, particularly on alternative pay for teachers.

President Obama Makes a Surprise Visit to Chiefs

He gave a quick pep-talk about the importance of higher standards, which was a major theme of his speech to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce this morning.

President Obama to Call for Incentive Pay, Rigorous Standards

In his first major education speech as president, Obama will emphasize and flesh out many of the details of his education redesign agenda.

Bethany Little to Senate Education Committee

Little brings a lot of expertise in education redesign, including in teacher quality, high school overhaul and college readiness, issues that have been getting plenty of attention lately.

D.C. Voucher Talk: Today at Noon

The controversial Washington D.C. voucher program will be the subject of the Kojo Nnamdi Show today on WAMU, a National Public Radio station.

UPDATED: Stimulus Documents: Strings Attached to Stabilization Funds

Thirty-three percent of that fund won't be disbursed until the department has approved a state's plan to comply with four "assurances," which include improving standards and assessments.

Friday Reading List

Will school districts have to set aside millions from their Title I stimulus funds for tutoring and choice?

Duncan Enters D.C. Voucher Dust-Up

Even if it ends, the Education Secretary wants children now enrolled in the voucher program to remain.

Get Schooled in Duncan-Speak

If you've listened to Arne Duncan enough, you're probably starting to pick up some of his favorite phrases.

Stimulus Questions Answered, Round 5: What's in it for Charters and Private Schools?

Click here to find out whether private schools can get a piece of the money and how those maintenance of effort provisions work.

Union Leaders on NCLB and the Stim

Randi Weingarten, the new president of the AFT and Dennis Van Roekel, the new president of the NEA, discuss whether $115 billion in education fund "changes the conversation" on renewing the law.

VIP Consultants to the Ed. Dept.

Several consultants, paid and unpaid, are helping Education Secretary Arne Duncan make key decisions.

Gov. Sebelius Up for HHS

If confirmed, Sebelius will oversee the Head Start program, which President Barack Obama just slated for a boost in his fiscal year 2010 budget outline.

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