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Ed. Department Giving Up its Daily Latte, Going Through Its Seat Cushions for Loose Change


President Barack Obama has asked his cabinet secretaries to put their heads together to cut $100 million from their budgets.

And so far, the Ed. Department has found almost $10 million in spare change.

For one thing, the department is going to get rid of its full-time education policy attaché at the U.S. Mission to UNESCO in Paris. (Too bad, education policy experts who are owed a political favor, that woulda been a sweet a gig.) That will save $713,000.

The Department will also make more employees share each printer, resulting in a savings of $6.7 million a year.

And it will require most employees to use a laptop computer for their work (as opposed to keeping a desktop and also receiving a laptop). This will result in annual savings of about $2 million. I'm guessing that doesn't figure in the cost of a chiropractor to help out employees who get sore backs lugging their laptops to and from Maryland Avenue.

On a different note, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has a reason to gloat at today's first-ever Obama administration cabinet meeting. He is one of the stand-out all stars in the cabinet, according to The Fix - the Washingtonpost.com's Politics Blog. And apparently, education is President Barack Obama's "favorite issue."


How in the world is sharing printers going to save $6.7 million...per year? Haven't the printers already been purchased? Are they going to sell their surplus printers? Has every single ED employee been getting a printer? Were printers being replaced every year?

These numbers don't add up. ED is going to cut the number of computers in half (by buying only one per employee rather than a laptop and a desktop). That saves $2 million per year. And yet sharing printers is supposed to save three times that amount?!

Good about getting rid of the attache. I used to work for the Bush attache - she used the "n" word and made rape jokes at the office.

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