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Obama Sparks a Belt-Wearing Trend at Florida High School


It's not clear yet whether the Obama administration's policies will be able to raise achievement, but the president has inspired some students to pull up something else: their pants.

Last year, in an interview with MTV, then-candidate Obama suggested that, while there doesn't need to be legislation requiring students to wear clothing that fits, "brothers should pull up their pants.''

That snippet played during the morning announcements at Plantation High School in Broward County last month. And teachers, students, and community leaders handed out belts between classes, donated by Walmart.

I wonder if this will make it into Arne Duncan's standard stump speech. He likes to talk about the "Barack effect" and suggests that the Obamas have made education "cool."


Yeah baby!!!! We need a poster of a kid pulling up his pants (with a belt) and the quote of Barack Obama saying, "brothers should pull up their pants."

"To achieve your best, get in over your head and rise to the top." - Dr. Richard Tapia Professor of Computational Mathematics, Rice University

When they walk down the halls, grabbing their crotches in order to hold up their pants, I just pull out my MASSIVELY OVERSIZED magnifying glass and shout, "I can't find it either !"

I guess "pants" is as good a place to start as any. Now, if we could just convince the President to stop saying, "tuh" when he means "to," "too," or "two."

This at least sounds like a more plausible version of the "Obama Effect."

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