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'I Hate Charter Schools'


From guest blogger Erik Robelen:

Apparently, a Democratic lawmaker in Texas didn’t get the talking points from Education Secretary Arne Duncan about expanding the charter schools sector.

A bill that would have allowed more charters to open in Texas was killed on the floor of the state's House of Representatives last night by a point of order raised by Democratic Rep. Lon Burnam, of Fort Worth, according to the Quorum Report, an independent newsletter on Texas politics.

Some charter critics couch their language diplomatically, but Rep. Burnam didn't mince words.

“This is a massive charter school expansion bill,” the Quorum Report quoted Rep. Burnam as saying to explain the move. “I hate charter schools. I’m going to kill this bill.”


Yeah! Nothing is black and white. Some charter schools are good, others are bad. The major problems are the loss of professional status for school teachers and principals, etc. And the loss of public control over the schools. What can school for profit lead to? With public money?

To commenter Lynn E:

Please do not confuse "charter" with "for-profit". While some charters are operated by for-profit firms, many (most?) are not. Also, charters in no way take away public control over the schools. Charters are public schools - they just report to a different oversight body (either directly to the district, county, or state, depending on the state law). Most importantly, it is notable that many of the best charters ENHANCE the professional status of teachers and principals by giving them control over the school.

I agree that nothing is black and white, and too many charters cream the best students, most involved parents, etc. Nonetheless, there needs to be a mechanism to free schools from the burden of entrenched district policies and bureaucracies.

Charter Schools will very likely replace private schools as the chief competion for common public schools. Some Charter Schools produce an excellent product, significantly, objectively outperforming area public schools. What is wrong with good competition in America? Nothing. If the public school option is good, people will prefer it. If not, we live in a Pro-Choice society.

Charter schools are segregating our school systems even more than they were. We are creating more fear in the children of America by sending our children to ethnic niche type schools. It's also sad that parents send their children to schools they know will have white privileged children attending keeping them away from diversity. Charter schools are also very unorganized and principals don't even need a principal license. How sad is this, and people think this is a step in the right direction. I don't think so!

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