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Draft Guidance on Title I Waivers Is Out

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By guest blogger Erik Robelen:

Better read this fast and start commenting. The Education Department this afternoon released draft guidance offering more details on the waivers states and districts may seek from Title I requirements as they spend the $10 billion made available under the economic-stimulus law for that program.

Those wishing to submit comments to the department on the guidance have until next Monday, July 13, to do so. That's right, folks: Just six days.

The 46-page document deals with a variety of issues, from the law's school choice and supplemental education services provisions to "maintenance of effort" and professional development requirements. As I understand it, the department has already indicated most of the types of waivers it would consider--such as set-asides required for the provision of supplemental educational services and free transportation for public school choice--but this draft document attempts to flesh those out.

However, it also offers a new area for waivers.

"In addition to the waivers referenced in prior documents, through this Guidance, the Secretary is also inviting requests for a waiver that would permit an LEA with one or more schools in improvement to offer [supplemental educational services], in addition to public school choice, to eligible students in Title I schools in the first year of school improvement," the draft says.

Happy Reading.

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