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Can We Reach Consensus on 'Race to the Top' Abbreviation?


The U.S. Department of Education did us all a favor by nicknaming the Investing in Innovation grants "i3" from the start. We're all clear on that.

But the education policy, blogging and Tweeting communities don't seem to have a common style for the stimulus program's other big discretionary grant program, Race to the Top. The department hasn't really given it a shorter name either. Should we abbreviate it RTTT? Or RTT? Or RttT? Those are three most common ways I've seen it.

So please vote, and let's all agree. If you have a different suggestion, leave a comment. I'll post the results in a week.

UPDATE: Commenter Denny thinks we should add R2T to the list of choices. If you agree, would you please leave a comment saying so?

Note that I changed the headline from "acronym" to "abbreviation" after learning from an editor that an acronym has to be pronounced as a word (and not just by its initials) to be a true acronym. NASA is an acronym. CIA is an abbreviation. However we abbreviate Race to the Top, it isn't likely to be pronounceable as a word.

UPDATE 3: Tom Luna, the state superintendent in Idaho, calls the program the RT3 Fund, which has the advantage of being easy to type and kind of matching the "i3" fund. So we'll start a "write-in" campaign for that, in the comments section.

What should we call Race to the Top for short?
sheepskin boots


Think you need to add R2T to the list of choices.

these acronyms all seem the same to me, though i use RTTT for simplicity and because i'm too lazy to go back and forth with the shift key.

i also have some objections to accepting the duncan/cunningham name for this thing -- who says that their shiny-sounding name should be the one that everyone uses?

some alternative names (you may have better ones):

race to the top of the stairs
sprint to the end of the block
duncan slush fund
little program, big title
two years and then what?
little slice of stimulus fund
massive pain in the ass for states

R2T2--it's so very star wars!

How about RaTo so that it can be called an acronym instead of just an abbreviation.

For some reason this is my natural inclination:

RaceTotheToP = RTTP

Alyson, it will be interesting to see what name and abbreviation Congress comes up with for ESEA reauthorization. That would be a great poll at a later date. Certainly it will not be NCLB.

Definitely RT3! It is the easiest.

LOVE RT3. So easy, and witty too :)

R2T would be the best. Most abbreviations do not utilize the "THE" so this would be most user friendly!

RT3 is quick to say and has some assonance to it

I like the abbreviation R2T, easy to remember.

RT3 (RT to the 3 power rather than RTTTT)

RT3 (RT to the 3 power rather than RTTTT)

Definitely RT3

I like R2T!

RT3 is easy to say and write...I vote for that.

I like RT3!!!

Tough decision between R2T and RT3. I vote for.....drum roll.....R2T.

I like R2T!

RT3 is short, neat and catchy - and the keys are all close together on my keyboard.

RT3 short and catchy

Another one for R2T here. While they are both short and catchy, R2T just sounds better.

R2T, by far the best.

I vote RT3!

I vote with Superintendent Luna...RT3.

I've seen a lot of R2T here in the Centennial state.


Let's wait a year or so and see how the grants get started -- that is what counts!


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