Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price advocated for turning over control of Head Start programs to several states while serving in Congress.

Three White House commissions that address education issues for black, Hispanic, and Asian American and Pacific Islander students say they haven't met since President Donald Trump took office. And their time may be running out.

Jim Blew, the director of Student Success California, a 50CAN affiliate, has gotten the official White House nod to lead the office of planning, evaluation, and policy analysis at the U.S. Department of Education.

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is followed by protestors almost everywhere she goes, but she faced an especially tough crowd at Harvard University Thursday.

The move could put a financial strain on states—and eventually, jeopardize coverage for the roughly 9 million children covered by the program.

The Republican framework for tax reform reportedly calls for the elimination of the state and local deduction available to taxpayers.

The GOP's "Unified Framework for Fixing a Broken Tax Code" does not mention any tax credit for donations to groups sponsoring scholarships to private schools.

DeVos got a higher share of strong disapproval than any other member of President Trump's cabinet included in the survey.

Michael Wooten, will head up the Office of Career, Technical and Adult Education, at least for now. Leonard Haynes, is likely to be a postsecondary education point person.

It's one of the most controversial questions about the Every Student Succeeds Act and accountability in general: How should schools be graded?

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