There are several efforts this year to overhaul states' school funding formulas. A report from the Albert Shanker Institute says states are failing to target money at the schools that need it the most.

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will appear for the first time on the presidential debate stage Wednesday night, bringing with him a hands-on education record and some positions that run counter to those of his opponents in the Democratic primary.

An unexpected tweak to the way the federal department of education calculates which rural districts get money from the REAP fund has resulted in hundreds of rural districts losing funds this year.

When Idaho education leaders pitched social-emotional learning training for teachers, some state lawmakers compared the plan to dystopian behavior control. Some walked out of the meeting.

State education departments' finance technology can cost millions to replace, but those systems are crucial for fiscal transparency and efficiency. Hawaii's is replacing its long-troubled system with a new one to go online this summer.

In an interview, the investor and philanthropist called himself "a huge supporter of teachers" and said the Trump administration is dividing Americans by repealing Obama-era education civil rights guidance.

If you put Sen. Bernie Sanders or Sen. Elizabeth Warren in a room with President Donald Trump, they might not agree on very much. But they do have something in common when it comes a federal program dedicated to charter school expansion.

The Education Department programs the president wants to consolidate into a block grant deal with English-language acquisition, charter schools, after-school activities, rural education, and more.

President Donald Trump proposes shrinking U.S. Department of Education funding by nearly 8 percent, while consolidating 29 major programs including Title I into a single, $19.4 billion "Education for the Disadvantaged" block grant.

Democrats don't like U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. But a few Democratic candidates for president are putting an interesting twist on their attacks.

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