While the Education Department has largely focused on investigating complaints that schools have violated civil rights laws, a new center will focus on "proactive compliance" by providing technical assistance to schools and guidance to the public.

The U.S. Supreme Court will arguments in Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue, a case that's been closely watched by both friends and opponent of private school vouchers and tax-credit scholarship programs.

The Puerto Rican government announced Jan. 17, roughly three weeks after earthquakes began hitting the island, that of the 561 schools that had been inspected for damage, 326 were deemed eligible to open.

The USDA proposed relaxing school lunch rules to give schools more flexibility in how they feed students. But nutrition groups said the proposed rules would create a "junk food" loophole and weaken the fight against childhood obesity.

President Trump will promote new guidance on school prayer Thursday, but that document will not create any new legal requirements for schools.

In a federal indictment, Keleher is accused of using her position as education secretary to get a sweetheart deal on an apartment, in exchange for allowing a company to acquire public school land.

After an investigation found Illinois schools put children in "isolated timeout" for illegal reasons, a group of the state's federal lawmakers have asked U.S. Secretary of Education to ban seclusion in schools nationwide.

It's pretty obvious by now that many Democrats are growing increasingly uncomfortable supporting charter schools. But New Hampshire lawmakers have taken the unusual step of rejecting federal charter school grant money.

Among all 16 issues in a December Gallup poll, education had the second-highest share of people rating it as "extremely important" and "very important" at 83 percent.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren won endorsements from the Massachusetts AFT and the Boston Teachers Union, while former Vice President Joe Biden won an endorsement from the Scranton Federation of Teachers. The United Teachers of Los Angeles endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders last year.

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