Students at Charlotte's Endhaven Elementary school examine the Democratic convention's impact on their community, from business and security to traffic.

Listen to Politics K-12's Alyson Klein discuss the education platforms of both presidential candidates.

Until now, Texas had been noncommittal about whether to seek flexibility under the No Child Left Behind Act from the U.S. Department of Education.

Former federal officials and others tout the academic and economic-development benefits at an Americans for the Arts Action Fund event.

The New Jersey Education Association's vice president doesn't like Race to the Top, but says he still likes President Barack Obama.

There's plenty of K-12 policy action nationally, but Congress can't take much credit, says U.S. Sen. Michael Bennett, D-Colo., former Denver schools chief.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan steered clear of mentioning charter schools, merit pay, and school turnarounds, policies at the core of the Obama administration's agenda.

Young attendees at the Democratic convention say there is an enthusiasm gap on the issue of college access and cost between their party and the GOP.

High school students from a civic and political education foundation use the Democrats' gathering to drill deeper into issues that concern them.

Michelle Rhee, who has angered a core Democratic constituency, teachers' unions, says Mitt Romney's voucher plan is off the mark.

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