Roy Romer and Marc Lampkin must have been high-fiving over their breakfast cereal. Or whatever it is that the leaders of ED in '08 do to celebrate a prominent place for education in the presidential campaign. Democratic nominee Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois released the first (in my memory) TV ad on education of the general election. So it's becoming an issue, sorta! Finally! The ad is mostly an attack on Sen. John McCain's record on education issues. It doesn't go into detail on Obama's own proposals for schools. You can check out the ad on Obama's Web site here. ...

Sen. Barack Obama will walk straight into the lion's den when he uses a campaign stop in Dayton, Ohio, this morning to pitch a plan to double federal funding for charter schools. There's perhaps no other state where the teachers' union (part of Obama's base) has so vehemently opposed these public schools, which operate free from many of the regulations that govern traditional public schools. UPDATE: The Teacher Beat blog details a somewhat surprising reaction to Obama's charter school proposal from the NEA. Meanwhile, the Democrats for Education Reform, which touts charter schools as a school reform tool, are cheering ...

The American Society of Quality wants educators to weigh in on what the next president should have on his "to-do" list. The group, which puts on the National Quality Education Conference for teachers, administrators and support personnel every year, wants educators to fill out a five-minute, three-question survey to help them compile this list, which will be delivered to either Barack Obama or John McCain after the Nov. 4 election. The survey asks respondents to rank nine education issues in order of importance, rank seven things that American students need more of in their education, and to identify one thing ...

Education Week launched a convention blitz by sending two teams of reporters to the Democratic and Republican conventions, armed with smartphones, laptops, video, and still cameras, with the goal being to deliver engaging, up-to-the-minute, and useful news . Response from readers was terrific, as gauged by the numerous comments we got. A sampling of the best reader comments from the convention: "Parents do have a choice. They elect a school board and can run for that office. Don't slay public education. It is the glue that holds education together." -- Don, John McCain Talks a Good Game on School Choice. "McCain ...

McCain's school choice rhetoric is disconnected from his policy proposals.

Education is "the civil rights issue of this century," the Arizona senator said when accepting the Republican presidential nomination.

These false charges spreading throughout the Web are driven by a misreading of the state's budget documents.

While at the RNC, Education Week reporters spoke with school administrators, teachers, and parents about their views on Sen. John McCain and the GOP's education platform.

If Sen. John McCain wins the White House, he'll have an ally in the top Republican on the House education committee.

Alaska governor cast herself as the PTA and hockey mom with bite in her speech to the Republican convention.

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