Barack Obama wants to create a $25 billion fund to fast-track construction projects, whether they be for highways or schools, which he says will lead to 1 million new jobs.

Republicans have not responded to repeated requests for clarification on their endorsement of an "English First" policy as part of the official GOP platform.

Many Education Department programs will never be on the chopping block during an Obama administration because Obama himself has championed them.

Sen. Barack Obama strongly suggested in Friday's debate that he would not want education to be sacrificed because of Wall Street's woes.

The health of the economy has a dramatic effect on school districts.

Barack Obama's presidential campaign brought out the brainpower this week in an attempt to sell the candidate as the one who would devote the most attention and resources to science education and innovation.

An estimated 72 million children worldwide were out of school in 2005.

The National Education Association has about 30 to 50 house races and 7 to 9 Senate races on its radar screen, says the union's director of campaigns and elections.

It shouldn't be surprising that Barack Obama is catching more heat on his relationship—whatever it was—with the controversial Bill Ayers.

The Democratic nominee has a plan to spend $18 billion-a-year more on early education and K-12 education. But that was before the federal government was poised to spend some $700 billion to bail out Wall Street.

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