This weekend in Colorado, Sen. Barack Obama gave a version of his stump speech that criticizes Sen. John McCain for having "no plan to invest in college affordability."

Palin advocated, among other things, for full funding of the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act. I wonder how that will square with Sen. John McCain's plan to freeze most spending - including for education programs.

Match the right education quote with the right candidate as part of EdWeek's new interactive campaign game.

That question was put to a panel of education experts after a debate between advisers for both major presidential campaigns.

Does this economic crisis have implications for the debate over vouchers?

Education advisers for both presidential candidates clash at the Teachers College debate over teacher pay, preparation, and professionalism. Watch the video.

This parlor game is fun and easy, but it's too early to be playing it now.

The Obama campaign's mention of portfolios as part of the student-assessment mix has sparked quite a bit of discussion in the blogsphere.

The event at Teachers College reflects that neither Obama nor McCain have been very specific on testing issues under the No Child Left Behind Act.

The Obama campaign today said that testing should be reformed to include alternative forms of assessment such as portfolios.

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