Now that voters have rejected several budget fixes, the $4 billion in state fiscal stabilization fund money headed to California is barely going to make a dent in the state's deficit.

Have a burning question about the stimulus? You're in luck — Michele and I will be doing a webinar today at 1 p.m. We'll do an overview on the different parts of the law, the guidance that's yet to come, and take your questions. You can watch it all right here on And it's free (although registration is required)....

Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., the House education chairman urged Arne Duncan to be very picky in determining which states should get money under the Race to the Top fund.

Judy Wurtzel, who was on leave from the Aspen Institute to serve as a consultant to the Education Department, is in line to take a full-time position under Education Secretary Arne Duncan. She would be the deputy assistant secretary for planning, evaluation and policy development. That's according to an email just sent out by the Aspen Institute. UPDATE: And the education department also confirms....

A draft bill details a federal reading effort that would target children of all ages, essentially from birth to high school. The proposal includes many of the tenets of Reading First, but also lists writing and motivation as key components of effective literacy instruction.

Thelma Melendez de Santa Ana, the superintendent of the Pomona Unified School District, in California, is being nominated as the new assistant secretary for elementary and secondary education, the White House just announced. (UPDATE: Pending Senate confirmation, of course.) This would make Melendez the top K-12 specialist, in charge of Title I programs and other things No-Child-Left-Behind. She'd be the highest-ranking Hispanic in the department. (UPDATE 2: Reading Alexander Russo's post on Melendez reminded me that Gabrielle Gomez, who is also at the assistant secretary level—for legislative affairs—is also Hispanic.) Though she's not a big-name superintendent like Washington's ...

The $4-plus-billion Race to the Top fund has a new master: Joanne S. Weiss, a partner and the chief operating officer at the NewSchools Venture Fund. We’ve heard that Education Secretary Arne Duncan made the announcement today in a speech to the NewSchools Venture Fund via a video link. Weiss will be in charge of the larger, $4.35 billion Race to the Top fund, which gives grants to states. Jim Shelton will be in charge of the smaller, $635 million Invest in What Works Innovation fund, which will give grants to school districts and nonprofits that make progress ...

Of the 52 applications for the first round of state-stabilization money that need to be submitted, no fewer than 29 have yet to come in.

The House approved a school facilities bill today, but the real test for the program is in the Senate.

Michael Johnston, a charter school principal and a former education adviser for the Obama campaign, will fill the Colorado State Senate seat vacated by Peter Groff, who has a new job with the feds.

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