The document calls for merit pay and school choice but is vague on the future of NCLB.

In an interview, the U.S. secretary of education discusses the campaign, No Child Left Behind, and Hurricane Gustav.

The ad calls for rigorous national standards, performance pay for teachers, and more learning time and support for students.

The fact that the Republican convention was being scaled back was slowly sinking in with the delegates gathering here.

That's what happened to a national charter schools group that co-sponsored a forum focused in part on education.

The union praises John McCain's running mate for her commitment to public education but calls attention to her lack of experience.

The Alaska Republican is also known for juggling her duties as chief executive with those of a parent.

Democratic nominee calls for the creation of a “new army of teachers” who would be paid higher salaries.

The chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee seemed excited, almost giddy, about Obama’s candidacy.

Students at a school Obama visited are probably more politically engaged than most kids their age.

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