The chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee seemed excited, almost giddy, about Obama’s candidacy.

Students at a school Obama visited are probably more politically engaged than most kids their age.

The retiring NEA president says he made up his mind early on that he would support Obama.

Now that Joe Biden is the vice presidential candidate, he appears to have adopted the education platform of Barack Obama.

The Democrats for Education Reform have apparently arrived on the convention scene.

A major goal of the $60 million effort to promote education in the campaign is to be a player in the transition, whether the winner is McCain or Obama.

Education Week reporter Michele McNeil asks an NEA delegate and teacher why he supports Barack Obama.

Hillary Clinton says she supports Obama for president--and so do the AFT delegates elected to vote for her at the DNC.

Former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner used his prime-time keynote speech to stress the link between quality schools and the economy.

NEA President Reg Weaver and AFT President Randi Weingarten spoke with Education Week reporters, shortly after they each addressed the DNC.

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