With Obama the presumptive nominee, the AFT has shifted its allegiance. Will the union's rank-and-file members follow?

African-American policymakers under the age of 50 are no longer opposing school choice simply because they are following the lead of their allies on other issues.

South Carolina school's chief Jim Rex put childhood obesity on agenda in Denver.

The floor of a political convention is a place unlike any other. I decided to offer Campaign K-12 readers a view of the floor during the speeches by the presidents of the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association. For the speech by NEA's Reg Weaver, I stood near the Alabama delegation. I chose that spot because NEA's Alabama chapter sent more delegates here than any other state affiliate. While NEA may have a lot of power in the Alabama Democratic Party, the Alabama Democratic Party doesn't have much power with its national party. Because Alabama is about ...

Caroline Kennedy led a tribute to her uncle, Sen. Edward Kennedy, during the first night of the Democratic National Convention.

The teachers’ unions weren’t the only voices representing teachers on the first night of the Democratic National Convention. Enter Jon Schnur.

Monday of convention week is the day the Democratic Party traditionally squeezes in representatives of some of its biggest constituencies, but ones that it doesn't necessarily want to have a prime-time role.

AFT President Randi Weingarten says she is upset by the anti-teachers' union bent of an education event here yesterday.

Teacher pay may be the biggest education issue at the Democratic National Convention.

Education Week reporter David Hoff asks Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. about the Bush administration's education policy:

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