Education played a big role in the first Democratic presidential debates. How will it factor into this week's second round? Study up on potential issues with our handy reading list.

Opportunity Zones. created through the 2017 federal tax bill, have already been prioritized by Betsy DeVos when it comes to federal charter school grants. The new proposed rule could mean more federal grants prioritizes these zones.

Trump's statement in late June that his administration would release a policy on school desegregation doesn't square with his administration's past policy moves or the current political climate.

Federal agencies this fall aim to bring together "best practices" for schools seeking to prevent and deter violence. First, they have to seek agreement in an expansive and divided field of experts and educators.

The Democratic presidential candidate and former Texas congressman proposed a $500 billion federal fund that would require schools, districts, and states make efforts to drive down educational disparities.

Twelve states have career pathway systems that are primarily coordinated by the state's K-12 system, according to a new Education Commission of the States report.

But the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights was not unanimous in its support of the findings that students of color were not more likely to commit discipline-worthy offenses.

Changes to eligibility rules for "food stamps" could lead as many as 265,000 children to lose automatic enrollment in free school meals, child advocacy groups warn.

An activist's lawsuit is an example of how many states, because of outdated software, have trouble answering the public's demand to detail how billions of K-12 dollars are spent.

EdBuild Founder and CEO Rebecca Sibilia said, after four years, they will close shop next year when their funding runs out. Here are some things she's learned about school funding along the way.

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